About Us

We are based in Bridport, West Dorset, but travel to events along the south coast, and areas as far north as London. 

We offer some of the freshest street food inspired wraps using local to us producers and suppliers. We can offer either Barista Coffee or smokey hand cooked sweet potato crisps as a side accompaniment.

Please get in touch to book us for your event. 


Sozzled Pig

Braised Pork in Westcountry Cider served with salad and our Homemade Apple and Onion Chutney

From £6.00


Marinated chicken, Fresh crisp salad, Rice Covered in our warming Peri-Peri sauce

From £5.00

Chicken & Chorizo

Marinated Chicken, Chorizo rice and salad with either BBQ or Sweet Chilli Sauce 

From £6.00

South Carolina

Marinated Chicken, Rice and fresh salad   & our mild South Carolina BBQ mustard

From £5.00


The Tiddler

Marinated BBQ Chicken with Rice or Salad


The Hulk

Smashed Avocado, Hummus & fresh Crisp salad

From £5.00

The Roasties

Slow Roasted Vegetables, crisp salad and   cheese with BBQ sauce

From £5.00

Cream of the Crop 

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese wrap with fresh crisp salad

From £7.50